Counter Meter

Electronic Sensors are designed for detecting light, distance, acceleration and other factors with unmatched efficacy and accuracy. They are integrated circuits used for detecting different physical parameters and converting them into electrical signals. They are designed to support a wide variety of local and remote temperature measurement. They provide accurate results with real-time protection as well as durable interfaces. In addition to this, these Electronic Sensors are available in compact designs to be used in automotive, industrial, data center, communication and other sectors. 

Product Image (C-361)

Counter C-361 Apex

Price: 2500.00 - 3500.00 INR

Counter meter make: APEX Model: C-361 Digit: 6 Input: Proximity Sensor display the counting

Product Image (KCN-998/778)

Digital Counter meter

Price: 1000.00 - 2000.00 INR

Digital Counter Meter KCN Itherm


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